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Computer Code Translation - COBOL to PL/SQL

What can we translate for your business?

Do you have legacy code that you would like to translate to another language?
Avalon are currently translating Pro*Cobol to Oracle's PL/SQL.
Our flexible translation process can be used to translate many different languages.


Our translation service is proven to provide exact, robust, performant and readable target code. We have proven our COBOL to Oracle PL/SQL translator works in a production environment; the code was 100% accurate during parallel testing and roughly 60% faster than the previous code.


Translating from one language to another is a complex task, especially when the features of the source language do not exist in the target language. However, intelligent translation is possible with knowledgeable people who have extensive understanding and coding experience of the source and target languages.

Why Translate?

Code Translation is one of those tasks that you rarely plan to do. There are many reasons and benefits to translate, the main being cost reduction and consolidation of platform and skills.

Code Translation Benefits

Code Translation from COBOL to Oracle PL/SQL.


Performance improvements of over 60% have been achieved when translating COBOL to PL/SQL.

Code Coverage

Oracle's tools allow all code paths to be tested and proven.

Skills Consolidation

Consolidate to your existing Oracle skills.


Multiple Operating Systems. PL/SQL executes on every platform that an Oracle database can be installed.

Reduce Licence Fees

No COBOL licence fees; use your existing Oracle licence.

99%+ Code Translation

Translate over 99% of all COBOL Code.

Reports and Files to Tables

Replace files and reports with database tables. Reporting can use Oracle's Fulltext Search (Oracle Text).

Tighter Integration

Reduce context switches between languages. The overhead of SQL calls from the host language is reduced.

Performance Tuning

Benefit from PL/SQL's built in performance and tuning functionality.

Code Translation Features

Our extensive experience of COBOL and PL/SQL ensures reliable translation.

Equivalent verb translation

Most COBOL verbs are translated with 'like for like' PL/SQL verbs.
Report on ambiguous code.

Manually Identified Edits

Manual edits incorporated into an automated translation process.

Arithmetic rounding

Choose between the respective language rounding rules.

Code Inlining

Report on paragraphs with a few statements and inline them.

Automatic field formatting

Automatically add rules and formatting to columns on Insert and Update.

Code Cleanse

Unused fields, unused sections/paragraphs,
redundant labels, unreachable code and more.

Statement replacement

Replace statements or blocks of code with new code.
Replace at a global or program level.

Preserve field data length

Preserve the data length of output fields and/or report
on any mismatch when the Oracle field is different.

Feel free to contact us

Please do not hesitate to drop us a couple of lines to see if we can help you with your project.
Do you want to see examples of our code translation? Send us some of your source code and we will convert it for you, for free to prove it can be done.

Avalon CLTS Ltd


UK +44 (0)1952 288363

UK Company # 09072355

UK V.A.T. # GB 189 0879 47

Where are we?

We are a UK company based at the e-innovation Centre, Wolverhampton University, Telford, TF2 9FT, UK.

A (very) brief history

Our current focus is Code Translation; however we have been developing software for over 25 years.

Our language translation software successfully converted COBOl to PL/SQL in a project that was implemented to a client's live systems in November 2017.

Our Data Migration and Data Migration Audit development tools have been used since 2004 by a major UK Life Assurance Company.